First things first.
My name is Shelby.
I love animals(I have 2 horses, and a cat. :(Sombody recently stole my Dog daisey.)
I'm country and proud of it.
I love all kinds of music, but country, rap and alternitive seem to be the most listened to.
I have alot of friends, but my best friends would have to be Stephanie and Jacob.
I do read TWILIGHT!
As with many other books..
I have just recently learned how to turn on a big computer.
I love to color.
And I like a guy that I hope will never know.
I have a problem with breaking bones.
I've broken my ankle twice by skating and at the fair, my nose and both pinky and both ring fingers playing softball, sprained my wrist when I fell off of my bunkbeds, and I have a screw in my hip:)
Nice huh?
Well, I'm not sure what to say now, so I guess that's it.

 -like shelby.