Let's try this!:D

Okay. This is what I'm gonna call 'ShelbyHelp'.
I'm here to help other teens through the times when all they want to do is screm at the world is "FML!"
If you decide you need help on anything!;You can come to me!
Yeah, I'm not normal, Yeah, I'm insane, But have I been through, or had a friend that went through what you're going through?
Most likey.
I'm also going to offer all kinds of things from poems, sayings, sayings of the week, and maybe a 'once in a blue moon' blog.
I'm here for support; your's and mine.
 - like shelby.

    If you need to talk, I'm here. BTW, you don't have to say your real name if you're not confortable. I understand. If you don't mind. Imay post it on here to help others, but Iwill ask first.(: